Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anonymous Releases Its Own Linux-based Operating System

Anonymous has released an operating system based on Ubuntu 11.10 called Anonymous-OS.

We "expect" Anonymous to launch coordinated DDoS attacks on sites that fall within their wrath. We "expect" Anonymous to be vocal about beliefs on political corruption and the rights of everyday people. But what we didn't expect to see was an actual operating system from the hactivist group, yet it seemingly makes perfect sense given their view of governments and corporations worldwide.
Called Anonymous-OS Live, the 32-bit platform is built on top of the open-source Linux-based Ubuntu 11.10 operating system. It uses the Mate desktop and comes packed with pre-installed software including the Tor browser, Hash Identifier, XChat IRC, SQL Poison, Find Host IP, ParolaPass Password Generator, Anonymous HOIC and more.
According to the Anonymous-OS website, the platform was created for "educational purposes" while also designed for checking the security of web pages. Users can boot with the new OS by creating a LiveUSB using Unetbootin which is located here. But given that the OS wasn't developed by any Genuine Source, curious downloaders should use the software with extreme caution, as it could be back-doored by any law enforcement company or hacker.


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