Friday, March 30, 2012

Linux Powered Real Star Trek Tricorder

If using a Star Trek Tricorder in real life is in your all time wish list, then probably its time to put a check mark in front of it. Peter Janson, a PhD student of cognitive science, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario has created his own Tricorder device which much or less works same as the Star Trek Tricorder. It is an open source project, so you can also make your own Tricorder!

 Peter started the tricorder project in 2007 and he has developed several models till now under TAPR non-commercial hardware license. First model named Tricorder Mark 1 was the preliminary experiment whose domain was limited to take atmospheric, electromagnetic and spatial measurements. The next model i.e. Tricorder Mark 2 was more sophisticated as it was powered by Debian Linux which runs on ARM920T based Atmel micro controller. It also featured OLED resistive touchscreen panel and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Reportedly plan for Mark 3 was dropped due to some reasons and currently Peter is working on Tricorder Mark 4. On the official website of “the Tricorder Project”, Peter wrote, “I think for me, it’s really about curiosity.  And helping to find ways to see and intuitively visualize the world around us, to help share that curiosity, and get folks excited about science.”

Full story:http://www.crazyengineers.com/linux-powered-real-star-trek-tricorder-it-is-so-real-2011/

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